Embark on a unique flying experience, where your passion for aviation is met with unmatched comfort, craftsmanship, and innovation. 

Welcome to Bristell Aircraft – the home of personalized luxury light sport aviation. 

Undeniably eye catching, the Bristell’s sleek and clean lines exhibit performance, while the spacious cockpit displays luxury in every detail. You’ll get recognized every trip. 

Offering class leading specifications, Bristell aircraft come equipped with ergonomic intuitive control placement and best in class avionics, ensuring a comfortable and secure flying experience.

Based in the heart of the Czech Republic, BRM Aero meticulously designs Bristell aircraft to meet the discerning tastes of the American light sport market.

Customize your cockpit with options from luxury upholstery to advanced avionics, making every flight uniquely yours. 

Get ready to experience the art of defying gravity in a best in class light sport aircraft.

*Voted Reserve Grand Champion at Sun and Fun 2022, Grand Champion in 2023, and Best Light Sport 2024.


Bristell 916M Turbo 162HP

The Bristell 916M Turbo is the Mosaic ready model which allows for 1653 lbs. of useful load. Reach new heights thanks to a turbocharged 160 HP Rotax engine, capable of climbing swiftly between 1200 to 1500 fpm to a ceiling of 17 500 feet, where the smooth air and faster cruise speeds await you at altitude. This plane is capable and certifiable for IFR into IMC.

Bristell Classic 915is Turbo 141HP

Performance is key with the Bristell 915 Turbo. Built on the Classic frame, the aircrafts empty weight checks in at 830-870 lbs (about 100 lbs lighter than most other models available in this class from competitors). The Classic 915is Turbo is your high-altitude performer, climbing at 1500 FPM, and cruising at impressive speeds, this model combines a sophisticated cooling system with a comprehensive avionics suite for the ultimate IFR capability.

Bristell Classic 912is Sport 100HP

Reliable, budget friendly, and efficient, the Bristell 912iS Sport features a 100 HP Rotax engine with state-of-the-art electronic engine controls. This makes for an affordable light sport aircraft that boasts unmatched fuel economy and increased operational reliability.

Bristell Classic 912ULS Cadet Trainer 100HP

Train with confidence in the Bristell Classic 912ULS Cadet Trainer. Featuring the robust Rotax 912 ULS engine, and dual aneroid altitude compensating carburettors, the Classic 912ULS Cadet Trainer offers a highly economical and dependable flying experience, the perfect introduction for new aviators!

Aircraft Features

  • Steerable Nose wheel

    Gain full control on the ground with a steerable nose wheel linked to the rudder cockpit pedals.

  • Spacious Cockpit

    Enjoy the most spacious cabin in its class, providing unparalleled comfort and visibility.

  • High-Quality Glass

    UV absorbent airplane glass, available in blue or gray tint, ensures a clear and protected view.

  • High performance Rotax Egnines

    Choose from four different engine configurations for exceptional reliability and performance.

  • Ballistic Parachute Rescue System

    Enhanced safety with an optional ballistic parachute rescue system available.

  • Generous Luggage Capacity

    Travel without compromise with extensive luggage compartments designed for convenience and accessibility.