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Discover our extensive range of meticulously crafted aircraft, each designed for superior performance, reliability and comfort. 

From turbocharged dynamics to high-altitude capabilities, Bristell offers a model for every aviation enthusiast. Elevate your flying experience with our advanced avionics and reliable engines – where every detail is tailored for your flying pleasure.

Bristell 916M Turbo 162HP

The Bristell 916M Turbo is our Mosaic-ready model, engineered to accommodate a substantial 1653 lbs. of useful load.  Thanks to the turbocharged 160HP Rotax engine, capable of climbing swiftly between 1200 to 1500 fpm to a ceiling of 17 500 feet, the Brustekk 916M is able to take advantage of the smoother air and faster cruise speeds that await you at altitude. Capable and certifiable for IFR into IMC.

Bristell Classic 915iS Turbo 141HP

The Bristell 915iS Turbo is all about maximising performance. Constructed on the Classic frame, this aircrafts empty weight checks in between 830-870 lbs (around 100 lbs lighter than other models available in this class). Your high-altitude performer, the Classic 915is Turbo is capable of climbing at 1500 FPM, while also cruising at impressive speeds. This model combines a sophisticated cooling system with a comprehensive avionics suite for the ultimate IFR capability.

Bristell Classic 912iS Sport 100HP

The Bristell 912iS Sport is reliable, budget friendly, and efficient. Featuring a 100 HP Rotax engine with state-of-the-art electronic engine controls, the 912iS Sport makes for an affordable light sport aircraft that boasts unmatched fuel economy and increased operational reliability.


Bristell Classic 912ULS Cadet Trainer 100HP

The Bristell Classic 912ULS Cadet Trainer features the robust Rotax 912 ULS engine, and dual aneroid altitude compensating carburettors, offering a highly economical and dependable flying experience, the perfect introduction for new aviators!

Custom Options

  • Design 1: Mirco Picarraro Racing Yellow

  • Design 2: Mirco Picarraro Racing Blue

  • Design 3: Pearl Night Blue and Yellow

  • Design 4: Tequila

  • Design 5: Micro Picorari – Racing Red

  • Design 6: Speed Skate

  • Design 7: Kite

  • Design 8: Koke

  • Design 9: Blaistic Grey

  • Design 10: Flow Red on White

  • Design 11: Pearl Red

  • Design 12: Flow Blue on White

  • Design 13: Snow White

  • Design 14: Sirous Blue Silver

  • Design 15: Silver Bee M Vee on White

  • Style 1: Premium

  • Style 2: Bentley

  • Style 3: Straight

  • Configuration 1

  • Configuration 2

  • Configuration 3